Life is short

This week is a difficult week watching one of my closest friends endure a pain like no other. Saying goodbye to your child isn't something you ever think about when you become a parent. Saying goodbye really only ever happens when it's too late, when the person is already gone. But this week is unique in the fact we know Charlie can no longer stay with us on this Earth. He has lived such a loved life and has touched so many people in his short 12 years. It's nothing short of awesome to see the outpouring of support to the family.

It raises many questions in my head this morning as I am unable to sleep. Why do we wait to say, we love them, we are sorry, we forgive, we miss them, we are better for knowing them, they make us laugh, they make us feel good, they make us feel loved, important, and needed. Why? We wait mostly because we think we have time. There is a Buddha quote that says "the touble is, you think you have time". The reality is we don't know when our time is up. If it was up today would you be satisfied? Have you said all the things to all the people you want to?

Today is a somber day as I anxiously wait for "the call" from Sir William about his sweet son, Charlie. I urge you after reading this to reflect on the questions above and make the calls, send the texts, and most of all share your love.


Thank you for your understanding in why you aren't hearing new shows from us right now. We promise we will be back as soon as we are able.


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