Wednesday Wisdom

Ever have one of those days? Well duh! We all do! I'm having one of those weeks, which I hope doesn't turn into months or year!!! As much as I LOVE teaching Jazzercise and encouraging others to stay on the path of healthy loving I struggle too. Let's take yesterday for instance; I had a great class at 8:10AM, lots of errands complete, protein shakes for breakfast and light lunch out with a friend. Well then Manny of Manny's Gelato here in Huntley posted this pic and I'm a sucker for a shamrock shake. We all know how many calories and how much sugar is in it so I skip McDonald's. Usually. Well when Manny posted he had his own gelato version I skipped on over and indulged. I gotta tell you, it was perfection. Then late last night the guilt sets in. All those nasty thoughts "you shouldn't have eaten that, how many calories was it any way? How much are you going to have to do today to work it off?" 

At this point something magical happened. I remembered Lil Momma's face as she sat with her friends eating their gelatos and laughing and she saw me smile and enjoy a treat. It's OK. It's OK to have a treat. It's OK to indulge and show our littles sweet treats are OK in moderation. And you know what else? I don't have to work out to punish myself, I get to workout today because I LOVE myself. I LOVE my body and LOVE that I can and I will sweat it out today.

Can you feel me? What's your biggest indulgence this week? Let me know below


#wereinit2gether #duchessfit


Manny's Handcrafted Gelato  11808 E Main St Huntley, IL

Manny's Handcrafted Gelato

11808 E Main St Huntley, IL

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