What to do on a snow day

Dishing with the Duchess….How to keep little ones entertained on a snow day:  

  • Make Valentine’s Cards
  • Marshmallow & toothpick sculptures
  • Bake a treat
  • Organize a fasion show and take photos
  • Make a coloring page out of a photo:


   How To Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages With Picnik


  • click on the Create tab at the top
  • click on the effects tab under the top tabs
  • find the pencil sketch effect
  • adjust the radius and strength till you have the look you want
  • hit apply
  • click on the save and share tab in the top tab menu and save where you wish



  1. Make rainbows with milk:



  • milk in a bowl
  • dish soap (magic potion)
  • food coloring – yellow, blue, red, and green (it’s a secondary, but we had it)


  1. Create snow art; food coloring, old clothing items, etc
  2. Build a tent and tell stories
  3. Make magazine mosaics
  4.  Write, read, run!

For more ideas head over to Pinterest and type in whatever you are in the mood for that day! It’s ok to scrap all of these, pop popcorn and watch movies. That can be fun too!

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