Let's ACCOMPLISH this year

On tonight's show I discussed a different way of looking at January and the new year. Below are my notes, hope it helps! DISHING WITH THE DUCHESS - It’s a new year, and a new you? Last night we discussed resolutions and honestly I’m not a fan. Why? Because most of them break quickly and then that’s it. I’m all about changing for the future and forever. Baby steps. If you want to lose weight this year, break it down smaller. What will it take to get to your goal? You need to eat better? Stop junk food? Give up coffee? Go to the gym? I’m an advocate of vision boards. Sounds silly? Well, if you don’t try something new, you’ll never change. Change is scary. Change stinks. We as a society like to stay comfortable. Ever see really successful people and wonder how they do it? I challenge you to ask them. You know what they’ll say? That they pushed themselves OUT of their comfort zone. They tried something new. And you know what? Often times they fail. But if you aren’t willing to fall how will you ever get up?

You heard me last night say my resolutions are to travel, and continue to help people...you might think I cheated and didn’t give you anything good. And you are right. It’s because I am looking at right now. I don’t want to say something and then in 2 weeks have to deal with the pain of failure. Instead I have made smaller checklists of things I want to accomplish this year. Things like, up my weights that I lift in the gym by 10 lbs. To teach LIl Momma be more asserive. To learn how to cook at least 2 new dishes excellently. Can you see how if you change that one little word from “resolution” to “accomplish” how much more success you will have this year?

Please I challenge everyone out there listening to go ahead and make your own “accomplish” lists. Write them down, post them on our facebook page or take a picture of your vision boards, or lists and post them to me on istagram “2dudes1duchess” and hashtag “duchessiwillaccomplish, or tweet me! I want us all to be successful and you need someone to help you be accountable. We are people helping people and I believe we can do it, together! Just ask Sir William : )


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