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Are you like me and are technically challenged? Well I'm here to help you, at least with listening to our show. The easiest way, if you have an iPhone or iPad, is to download a free app. Go to the App Store and search " podcast app". It has a purple icon and the app is free. Once you download and open the app search in the search box for "2 Dudes and The Duchess". Next you will see all our available shows to listen too. If you click on our logo you will also see a "subscribe" button. Go ahead and click that too. Now Everytime there is a new show you will be notified. Easy, right? Now go tell your friends to do it too!Thanks for listenining and I,look forward to hearing from you on Friday Night Live! 847-242-1364

The Duchess account of The Night Before Christmas

Infusing vodka at home