Infusing vodka at home

On last night''s show I shared with you a recipe I created with a technique I learned from Martha Stewart. You can infuse vodka with pretty much any fruit and/or spice you wish. I have infused blueberries, cranberries, pineapple, and canteloupe just to name a few. My all time favorite though would have to be my candy cane vodka. Here's the loose recipe:

1 full size candy cane
10 oz vodka (not the cheap stuff but doesn't have to be top shelf)
1 sealable jar or bottle

Unwrap your candy cane and place in your bottle/jar. Pour in vodka and seal. Vodka needs about 3-4 days to infuse. You will see the candy cane disappearing every day.
Enjoy as a martini or mix with seltezer or club soda depending on your taste. You can garnish your martini with a small candy cane too!

For other ideas of infusing or more details on this process check out Martha's info at:

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