Homework Drinking Game

As promised here is the "home work drinking game", enjoy!*Your child brings up anything to do with Common Core. Drink again if you rolled your eyes. *You start any sentence with “When I was in school…” *You question if you even went to college considering you can’t seem to do 1st grade math problems *You have to sign your full name in a teeny tiny box somewhere on your child’s homework sheet *You successfully remember how to use it’s vs. its *You have a child who can read to you, rather than the other way around *You have to use Google to remember how to add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions *You say “I before E” in your head… take two drinks if you say it out loud *You try to convince your child to finish their homework in the morning… when your co-parent is on homework duty for the day *You suggest they look that up in an encyclopedia and they look at you like your hair is on fire *You get caught skipping pages when reading to your child *You can actually spell any of the spelling words on their list yourself… one drink for every correct word, folks! *Your child runs out of mechanical pencil lead and refuses to use an old fashioned No. 2 *There are assignments that need to be hand-written… drink once for double-spaced and twice for single-spaced *You sign your name to each permission slip/release form/emergency information sheet/parent note in their folder *You volunteered in their class today *Your child had early-release or late-arrival today **And, last, but not least, drink when they finish for the night… And, if they finished their homework in less than an hour, take another drink. Hell, pour yourself a fresh one. You deserve it.

I hope you have more fun when homework time comes tomorrow! Thank you to http://bellingfam.com/2014/09/04/homework-drinking-game/ for sharing this brilliant, fun game!

**Please drink responsibly

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