The Washington Redskins Debate

The Washington Redskins...I am really struggling with the fight that seems to be everyone vs. The Washington Redskins. What makes the NFL so great is its history. People can always compare the best QB in the league to great ones in the past. The name of a team is sacred to its fan base and sacred to the league. There are plenty of team names that could offend groups of people: The Green Bay Packers (named after the Indian Packing Company), Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, University of Louisiana Ragin' Caguns, University of Illinois Fighting Illni, the defunct Duluth Eskimos, Cleveland Indians and many, many more. These names were not selected to insult people, in most cases, they were chosen to recognize a group of people. Whatever the reason they were selected, my point is that they are part of the fabric of the history of that team. I think special interest groups lobbying to change the names now, sometimes 50-75 years after they have been used, is ridiculous. I believe in 2014 that people are soft and way too sensitive. As my neighbor Jim likes to say: "suck it up buttercup". We have way too many other issues in today's world to be focused on something so insignificant. For every minute people spend talking about this issues, they should donate a dollar to help improve the education system in this country. I owe $10 for this Facebook post! 

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