Christmas Traditions

Is there anything in this country as traditional as Christmas? Clearly viewed as the most popular holiday based on travel and number of people who reunite, Christmas is to tradition what Baseball is to Sports. I have been focusing on my personal Christmas traditions for the past couple of weeks and really missing some that were automatic as a child. Although I have created new traditions as an adult, some of the traditions as a child can not be replicated. I do have one tradition that has lasted 41 of my 45 Christmas Eve's so far. My first and best friend at age 4 and I would call each other on Christmas Eve as my family opened presents that evening. I would share what I received and then wait for the return call the next morning. This tradition has lasted since 1972...and now our son's have continued on the tradition as well. Who doesn't love Christmas?

2014 - The Best Year Yet!

Shonie "Mr. International" Carter