The greatest Christmas gift ever???

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Something different for that special someone? Imagine cuddling up around the fireplace listening to some 2 Dudes and a Dog. Yes, available for a limited time only, Season 1 of 2 Dudes and a Dog Box Set is available on a 2 Dudes and a Dog thumb drive. That is 155 episodes and a thumb drive for $24.99. You will get episodes like: The Seinfeld Show (19), Langley, Virginia (45), Fake Travis (66), and WD-What (110). As a bonus, you will receive the often referred to demo tape "Oh, thing on?" The 2 Dudes and a Dog Box Set features guests: Kate Curtin, Tommy Tutone, Santa Claus, Northern Pinnacle, Kitty Mae Evans, Veronica and her coach Lil Killer, and many more including official photographer, Jeff Lange and executive producer, Michael Geheren. Please call 847.242.1364 (1dog) if you are interested in this limited edition box set.

It Is Almost Turkey Time!

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