Who would be at your dinner party?

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“The Dinner Party” - we have all thought about the question - if you could assemble a dinner party with any six people, who would they be? On our show, “The Dinner Party”, we tackled that question. According to Travis, “It was much more difficult than I thought it would be.” Bill wished he had a few more spot at the table as there were some that didn’t make the cut.

For Travis, he chose President Lincoln, Bruce Lee, James Whitey Bulger, Lana Del Rey, his father, Rick Wittmeyer and for his dad, Ernie Banks. A very interesting group that includes significant people from history as well as entertainers, sports figures and family.

Bill choose Sir Mick Jagger and his mate Keith Richards, a surprise, Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy, Robert De Niro and Will Ferrell. His group has a mix of coaches, musicians and actors.

It is an interesting question and one that probably changes as you experience different things in your life. Who would be at your dinner party? Let us know in the comments below.

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