Meet the Team


Sir William

Sir William is a co-host of 2 Dudes and The Duchess (formerly 2 Dudes and a Dog). He loves to laugh. He loves to skinny dip in Lake Michigan. He knows a lot of 70′s and 80′s music, especially Toto and Wang Chung. He like to watch sports, especially Minnesota teams. He definitely is not an expert at anything, but knows a little about everything.

Born is St. Paul, Minnesota, Bill was inspired to be one the radio by listening to his favorite morning show on KQRS. He was enamored with Tom Bernard. Later he moved to Chicago and really enjoyed Kevin Matthews and Danny Bonaduce. As a huge sports fan and talk radio afficianado, Bill really enjoys listening to KFAN and speicfically Paul Allen (PA) as well as his colleagues at When asked if the radio gig could become a full-time career at some point, Bill responded “you never know”.


The Duchess

The Duchess Kate Curtin joined the team officially in May of 2014. Prior to that she was an integral part of some of the earliest successful shows including the epic 100th live show, the Tommy Tutone/Jenny show and no one will forget her character Veronica Steel.

The Duchess is original a Jersey Girl. She has performed on the great stages on Broadway and in Sir William’s basement. Her range in uncanny. The Duchess brings a sassy, swagger and female perspective the show was so desperately needing.